How Moneybagg Yo Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million (2024)

How Moneybagg Yo Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million (1)

Over the last couple of years, hip-hop has managed to accent from the fringes of music to become one of the most popular genres in the world right now. Consequently, hip-hop artists have been able to amass a huge following. Additionally, because of its ascendance into the mainstream, hip hop artists have been able to not only command a huge following when it comes to the number of people listening to their music but also make also of money while doing it. A quintessence of this is Moneybagg Yo. His rapid ascension in the rap game and music, in general, is the stuff of folklore. Having barely been in the industry for less than a decade, it is astonishing the amount of music he has been able to put out. The Moneybagg Yo net worth is something that astonishes many people, considering his age and the amount of money he has been able to accumulate in his relatively short but hugely influential music career. In this article, we will look at how he has been able to build himself up from the trenches to the upper echelons of wealth and influence.

Beginnings and early life

Moneybagg Yo, whose real name is Demario DeWayne White Jr, was born in Memphis, Tennessee on September 22, 1991. He grew up and had his education in the same area. When he was in 12th grade, he decided to drop out of school and focus on his music. His earlier mixtape was 'From Da Block 2 Da Booth' which garnered him huge popularity in the Memphis region. He would then follow up on his recently gained success by releasing a series of mixtapes in a span of one year. Of the four that he would release, one would ultimately win him the Memphis Hip-hop Award for Mixtape of the year. From then on it was all the way to the top. Over the next couple of years, he would not only continue creating hit singles and mixtapes but also be featured by some of the most influential artists at the time. He would go on to appear as a featured artist in records by Yo Gotti, Young Dolph, and Y Grizzle. It was then that he caught the ear of Yo Gotti, an artist who made and run his own label, Collective Music Group. Moneybagg Yo would go on to sign with this label for a whopping 200,000 dollars in cash.

How did Moneybagg Yo make a fortune of close to four million dollars?

With the backing of a music label as huge as Collective Music Group, this talent was accentuated and his influence increased tenfold. The first two full-length albums he released debuted at number five and number 16 on the billboard 200 charts respectively. This was only the beginning. He would, in 2020, go on to release his most successful album to date, 'Time Served'. The album was a huge commercial and critical success, as it debuted at number 3 on the billboard 200 charts. It has been revealed that his first two mixtapes, which were released in 2018, were a huge success, with both of them debating in the top ten in the US R&B and Hip-hop charts. As you would expect, a huge portion of the fortune that Moneybagg Yo has been able to amass has been through the music that he has been putting out. Most of the songs, albums, and projects he has put out have been huge commercial successes, with most of them charting. Additionally, Moneybagg Yo also has numerous other business ventures. Though he is signed to Collective Music Group, he also owns his own record label, Bread Gang Music Group. Furthermore, he has multiple music distribution deals with a myriad of music groups. He has signed distribution deals with Diplomat Records, which is under the Def Jam Music umbrella.

Other ventures

Other than music, there is a myriad of other avenues through which he has been able to proliferate his wealth portfolio. One of the said avenues in real estate. Not only is Moneybagg Yo signed to Yo Gotti's record label, but the two are also really close friends. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Yo Gotti has been sharing real estate knowledge with Moneybagg Yo. The two artists have several real estate projects in Memphis and all around the country.

Personal life

With his success, Moneybagg Yo has had a lot of scrutiny surrounding his personal life. His relationship with Megan the Stallion is well documented, with the two even having an RIAA platinum-certified record 'All That'. The two eventually broke up, but it is understood that they are still close. The rapper has seven children. He recently said in an interview that he had three children before he dropped out of school in 12th grade. His most recent progeny is his daughter, who was born in 2017. Moneybagg Yo has stated on numerous occasions that he is in good relations with all his children's mothers. The rapper is currently dating Ariana Fletcher, better known as Ari. She is a social media star with a huge following on almost all social media sites. This relationship has also contributed immensely to the rise in stardom for both Moneybagg Yo and Ariana. Their social media accounts are littered with photos of them buying each other gifts and spending time together. In July 2020, Moneybagg Yo bought Ariana a Lamborghini Uris, the fastest SUV truck right now for her birthday.


It was recently reported that Moneybagg Yo was involved in a shooting in Las Vegas at the Aria Resort and Casino. He was celebrating his 29th birthday when the incident occurred. He was not hurt in any way, and he later clarified on his Instagram handle that he wasn't the target of the shooting. He also shared videos taken as he relaxed with his friends on that day. Moneybagg Yo did not press any charges for the shooting.

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How Moneybagg Yo Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million (2024)
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