Moneybagg Yo - Net Worth, Rapping, Career (2024)

Net Worth $8 million
Source Of WealthSinger
Born22nd September 1991
Birth NameDeMario DeWayne White, Jr.
Height6ft 0in (183cm)

Moneybagg Yo is a known name throughout the rap community, and he's one of the most notable songwriters and rappers in the American music scene.

Moneybagg's talent would certainly explain his long list of collaborations. He's worked with some of the biggest names in music, including superstars like Future, Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa, Gunna, and many more. Some even say that the rapper charges over $100,000 for a feature song.

So how did Moneybagg Yo start out? What got him where he is today, how does he live, and what was his big break? We'll cover all of that and more today as we take you through the life and career of Moneybagg Yo.

You'll also learn about his early life, net worth, and his salary. So keep reading to learn more.

Who is Moneybagg Yo?

Moneybagg Yo (33) is a rapper and musician from Memphis, Tennessee, who first hit the scene in 2016. Since then, he has released a number of successful singles and albums.

He first gained huge mainstream attention with his hit release of "A Gangsta's Pain" in 2021. Moneybagg's career has been on the rise ever since. Many fans and critics refer to him as one of the most talented artists in the rap game, specifically in the trap music genre.

Moneybagg's real name is Demario DeWayne White Jr, and his birthday is September 22, 1991. He is of African American descent, and his parents' names are DeMario DeWayne White Sr and Whitney White.

Moneybagg's current religious background is Islam, growing up with a former background in Christianity. He credits fellow rapper Kevin Gates for opening up his eyes to Islam, and the two have been on the same spiritual journey ever since.

The two rappers have written songs together, and Kevin Gates even filmed Moneybagg during his conversion to the religion. He's also accredited Islam for keeping him away from drugs.

Moneybagg Yo Early Life

Demario's early life was difficult; he spent time living in poverty and dealing with violence in his neighborhood. Music and singing became his escape from his childhood troubles in the Walker Homes hood.

When he was a teenager, he started getting into rap music. He was influenced by the Memphis rap scene, and he loved listening to artists like Drake, Yo Gotti, and Future.

Moneybagg's Family Life

Moneybagg has spoken about past troubles with his father, who is also a rapper named HD White. The two have had back and forth conflicts that show through some of the lyrics in their music. Oftentimes though, Demario rarely opens up about his family and early life.

Demarios's mother worked hard to support him and his siblings, but she often struggled alone. He is the oldest of three siblings, which includes his brother (Jamal White) and his two sisters.

The poverty of his family is one of the main reasons that Demario started rapping. He grew sick and tired of watching his mother scrape up just enough money to feed him and his siblings.

This is around the time he dropped out of high school to pursue his career in music. He went off to the streets to make a name for himself and create a better life for his struggling family.

His best friend ELO accompanied him on his journey. The two often freestyled raps and wrote music. ELO believed in Moneybagg, telling him that he had what it took to make it as a star rapper.

ELO became a major catalyst for Moneybagg's career. He helped the young rapper get his start by motivating him to go on. But their friendship was brought to a halt on one fateful day.

Moneybagg Yo Music Career: Rise to Fame

Moneybagg's debut mixtape "From da Block 2 da Booth" was released on April 16, 2012. He also released his second mixtape "On October 20 during the same year. Moneybagg Yo also dropped a mixtape in 2015 titled "Federal."

The mixtape became wildly popular in the Memphis and Tennesee area. His song "I Need a Plug" became an instant regional hit.

In 2016, he remixed the tape when he released "Federal Reloaded." The revised album featured artists like Young Dolph, Y Gizzle, and OG Boo Dirty. Moneybagg also won a Memphis Hip Hop Award for mixtape of the year after these releases.

Loss of a Friend

ELO was right about Demario, after all. His vision came true. Unfortunately, later in the year, ELO became the victim of a fatal shooting. Moneybagg took the death of his friend hard, but the incident drove him to get serious about his professional career in the music industry.

Shortly after his friend's fateful death, Moneybagg went to work on a new album titled ELO. The album, which stands for "Everybody Lives On," served as a tribute to his late friend, and it helped him deal with the pain of losing someone so close to him.

It also featured a few big-name rappers like Yo Gotti, Quavo, and Trouble on its 2016 release via N-Less Entertainment.

Moneybagg went on to release two more albums in 2016. The first was titled "All Gas No Brakes," an album featuring American rapper Jucee Froot.

Yo Gotti was impressed with the release and offered Demario an opportunity to sign with his label Collective Music Group (CMG). The two rappers went on to release "2 Federal," a joint album that also featured Blac Youngsta.

The album did well commercially, but it was "Heartless" that first put Moneybagg on the charts. The album, which was released in February of 2017, charted at number 177 on the Billboard 200.

The release featured popular artists like Lil Durk and YFN Lucci. It was the beginning of a successful year for the young rapper, who was nowhere near finished producing music.

Moneybagg Yo Music Career (Continued)

In 2017, Moneybagg Yo signed a distribution deal with Interscope Records, a legendary label that has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Artists that worked with the label include rap superstar 2PAC, Swedish DJ Avicii, and a laundry list of other hot artists.

Under Interscope, Moneybagg released "Federal 3x" with the help of his mentor Yo Gotti. The album hit number five on the Billboard 200, propelling Demario's career to record heights. It also reached over $30,000 in sales revenue for the billboard-busting rapper.

From there, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and Moneybagg teamed up for a joint album. The two released "Fed Baby's" in late 2017, also bringing Quavo along for the ride on "Pleading The Fifth."

The album put Moneybagg on the charts again, reaching number 21 on the Billboard 200.

January of 2018 brought a compilation album from the rapper titled "Moneybagg Yo Presents: NLess Ent x Bread Gang." The album hosted a large number of rappers and compiled 24 songs.

Aside from the mega compilation mixtape, Moneybagg dropped another four albums in 2018. First up was "Money Bags From The Trap," an album with a sole feature by Big Lex. Next was his sequel release to "Heartless" titled "2 Heartless."

It featured repeat star rappers Quavo and Yo Gotti and also employed American rappers like Lil Baby and BlocBoy JB.

New Career Heights

His third album release for the year was "Bet On Me," which featured Gunna, Young Thug, and Lil Baby. The album hit the top charts again and peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200.

Moneybagg closed the year strong with "RESET," which climbed to number 13 on the Billboard. It featured huge industry names such as J. Cole, Future, Jeremih, and a handful of others.

As Moneybagg's career went on, he continued to climb higher on the charts. 2019 found him reaching number four on the Billboard 200 with his release of "43VA HEARTLESS."

In 2020, he broke more personal bests with his deluxe album, "Time Served," which peaked at number three, and "Code Red," his Blac Gangsta collab, which shot to number six on the Billboard.

2021 was a year filled with success for Moneybagg. His studio release of "A Gangsta's Pain broke records. The album peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 for two weeks straight, selling over 100,000 records during the first week.

The hit record also went platinum later in the year, spawning a chain reaction of platinum songs like "Time Today," "Said Sum," and "Me Vs Me."

Moneybagg Yo Relationships and Family

Demario Dewayne White Jr. has found himself with a few different women over the years. He's dated American Personality Ariana Fletcher (2019) and also superstar female rapper Megan Thee Stallion (2019).

He's also been in relationships with American singer Ari Lennox (2020). At undisclosed spans, Moneybagg also dated American models Aileen Gisselle and Chyna Santana.

The rapper is not married but has at least seven children with four unknown women. The names of his sons are Drey White, Tricario White, Memphis White, and Trevante White. The names of his daughters are Hazel White, Tracery White, and Donny White.

Moneybagg Yo Salary and Net Worth

It's no secret that Moneybagg is doing very well for himself. With a name like his, it was only a matter of time before his earnings shot through the roof. In 2022, Moneybagg Yo's net worth is $8 million. It's believed most of his income comes from his album sales and concerts.

As for salary, he earns around $500,000. The rapper also makes a lot of money from his popular YouTube channel, which receives millions of views. Moneybagg collects cars as well.

He owns a Dodge Durango Hellcat, a Mercedes Maybach GLS 600, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, a Lamborghini Urus, and a Corvette C8 Stingray. They total about $750,000.

Moneybagg Yo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Moneybagg is somewhat quiet when it comes to his personal life. He doesn't share a lot and keeps things close to his chest. Because of this, there are a few questions that always pop up about the rapper. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Moneybagg Yo.

How Much Does Moneybagg Yo Get Paid a Show?

It's speculated that Moneybagg Yo gets paid around $200,000 a show. The original numbers were as low as $2,500 a year or two back. But Moneybagg has said he wants to get his numbers up to $500,000 per show.

What Labels Has Moneybagg Signed With?

Moneybagg has been with a few different labels in his career. It's believed that he started with N-Less Entertainment. He's also signed with Jay-Z's record label Roc Nation and entertainment label Bread Gang.

Next, he was with Yo Gotti's CMG Records before finally landing at Interscope Records. He's been with Interscope since 2019.

What is Moneybagg Yo's Height and Weight?

The rapper is pretty tall, coming in at six feet and weighing about 155lbs. This figure makes him one of the taller rappers in the industry today.

Moneybagg Yo is one of the most popular rappers in the music industry today. His music has resonated with fans all over the world, and he doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

With a net worth of $8 million and an annual salary of at least $500,000, Moneybagg lives up to his name and continues to pump out an impressive amount of albums and features.

Our net worths are for entertainment purposes only. We do our best to provide accurate figures, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The figures are based on public information and estimates, and may not reflect the true value of assets or liabilities.

Moneybagg Yo - Net Worth, Rapping, Career (2024)
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