nuEra Grand Openings of New Dispensaries in Champaign and Pekin (2024)

nuEra Announces the Grand Openings of two new dispensaries in Champaign and Pekin, IL.

CHICAGO–nuEra, one of Illinois’ only vertically integrated cannabis companies wholly owned and operated within Illinois, proudly launched two new Adult-Use only dispensaries on Friday April 16th in Champaign and Pekin, Illinois.

nuEra Champaign is located at 102 E. Green Street right next door to the popular Sports Bar Kams in Campustown, and nuEra Pekin is located at 3249 Court St next to Planet Fitness in Pekin, Illinois.

Regular operating hours for both stores is from 10am – 7pm Sunday – Wednesday and 10am – 8pm Thursday – Saturday. Opening day events included ribbon cutting ceremonies attended by representatives of both the Pekin and Champaign Chamber of Commerce. nuEra has completely renovated both of their new locations for a convenient, fun and easy retail experience. Both stores offer online pre-ordering for adults 21 and older and are technology-enabled with kiosks for quick ordering for walk-ins. Pre-orders can be made at

“We are excited to bring our nuEra branded products to Champaign and Pekin, including our new line of solvent-free concentrates, which we are really excited to be introducing” said Jonah Rapino, nuEra’s marketing director. The dispensary will also have hundreds of other products available for customers 21+. “We are preparing an amazing menu with an incredible array of products from Illinois’ best producers – flower, cartridges, edibles and more. There will be something for everyone, and our budtenders will be ready to educate and assist”, he added.

nuEra was a pioneer in the Illinois cannabis market, and has been serving the Illinois medical cannabis community since 2015 with locations in Chicago, Urbana, and East Peoria, where many Central Illinois residents have already been patients and customers for years. “Due to state regulations we will only be licensed to serve adult-use customers at our new locations, but we will always remain committed to our medical patients and medical roots, which is why we will continue to support and prioritize our medical programs at our East Peoria and Urbana locations, and will continue to provide application assistance and first time patient specials to help offset the cost of medical cards for anyone that wants to explore the medical benefits of cannabis” , said Bob Fitzsimmons, CEO of nuEra.

The company added 36 new positions to prepare for the onset of Adult-Use sales at their new locations and generated a large number construction and other ancillary jobs for work designing the store’s exterior and interior to safely accommodate customers. Customers are required to wear masks and must maintain proper social distancing while shopping in-store.

nuEra is also committed to giving back to the community in a variety of ways. Since full legalization in January 2020 nuEra has been sourcing a majority of their staff from Disproportionately Impacted Areas (DIAs), sourcing interns and apprentices from Cannabis Studies programs at City Colleges of Chicago, and whenever possible partnering with minority and women owned businesses for ancillary services. Most recently nuEra Hillcrest Cultivation recently donated $100,000 to Illinois Valley Community College’s cannabis production certificate program, and nuEra Dispensaries have donated over $370,000 to the Social Equity Cannabis Business Development Fund, which will be used to support new Social Equity Cannabis license holders in Illinois via low interest loans and other programs.

About nuEra:

The name nuEra highlights the fact that legalization in Illinois didn’t just change the laws on the books – it unleashed a whole new era of cannabis. An era in which cannabis is safer, higher quality and available in a greater variety than ever before. Canna-consumers have more methods of consumption, more strains, more precise dosage labeling, and better information about the effects of each of our products than any generation before them.

nuEra sources the highest quality products to suit the needs of qualified Illinois Medical patients and 21+ adult-use customers alike. nuEra currently operates three Medical/Adult Use dispensaries in Chicago, East Peoria, and Urbana. They’ve also been awarded a license for other secondary Adult Use dispensaries in Chicago and Pekin.

Their newly acquired cultivation center in Ogle County Illinois currently produces flower, pre-rolls, and solventless concentrates in a variety of strains with corresponding effects such as pain relief, relaxation, focus, uplift, and more. They’re in the process of expanding their product offerings to include edibles, vaporizer cartridges, tinctures, and topicals to the Illinois retail market. Welcome to a new era of cannabis!

You can find out more about nuEra at

Media Contact

Jonah Rapino

Director of Marketing

(773) 687-8480

nuEra Grand Openings of New Dispensaries in Champaign and Pekin (2024)
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